2020 Freightliner® Cascadia® Evolution 5012802 (2024)

2020 Freightliner® Cascadia® Evolution

Fuel Efficiency

The Cascadia Evolution: Fuel Efficiency Redefined

The Freightliner Cascadia Evolution sets the industry benchmark for long-haul applications that demand the highest level of fuel efficiency.

Proven Performance

The Cascadia Evolution reached the 10 MPG mark with a load of 76,000 pounds on a test track. Then, it went on to hit 9.31 MPG in real-world conditions on a cross country tour with a full load. The Cascadia Evolution demonstrates a seven percent increase in fuel economy over the original EPA10-compliant Cascadia.

Integrated Powertrain Technology

Detroit has designed, engineered and manufactured the DD15® engine, DT12™transmission and a full line of Detroit™ axles to work together as one integrated Detroit™ Powertrain in the Cascadia Evolution.


Customer Testimonial: Liquid Trucking

Freightliner works with Liquid Trucking to spec their Freightliners with roll stability, which is especially important for keeping trucks upright when hauling liquids.

Safety Hits the Road

The Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems includes driver-friendly controls and seamlessly integrates into the truck’s dashboard, engine and transmission electronics.

Keeping Drivers Safe

The Freightliner Cascadia Evolution features an ergonomic cab layout with backlit LED gauges that are easy to read both day and night. The truck also features steering-wheel-mounted controls for cruise, marker lights, engine break. The Driver Message Center helps drivers focus on the road ahead.


A New Level of Connectivity

The Detroit™ Connect Virtual Technician? remote diagnostic system removes guesswork from repairs, enabling drivers and fleets to quickly and accurately understand warning lights.

Data Driven Decisions

The Detroit™ Connect portal provides users additional information about overall fleet health, while enabling them to dive deeper into specific fault events. Detroit Connect delivers actionable insights on engine, vehicle, driver, trip and fleet performance.


Quality Drives Success

Freightliner® trucks are manufactured using the latest technology, including robotics, automated systems and factory laser alignment, to achieve precision results. Quality control steps include dyno testing of all Detroit™ engines and trucks to ensure maximum performance.

Long-Haul Reliability, Delivered Daily

Quality matters. At Freightliner, advanced manufacturing technologies ensure comprehensive structural integrity, reliability and durability.


Customer Testimonial: Brossard Leasing

Brossard Leasing depends on the Freightliner dealer network to lower its Real Cost of Ownership. The Cascadia Evolution delivers the reliability Brossard needs to do business.

Features may include:


  • Detroit™ DD13® (Day Cab only)
  • Detroit™ DD15®


  • Manual Eaton Fuller®: 8 speed/9 speed/10 speed/13 speed/15 speed/18 speed
  • Automated Manual: Detroit™ DT12® 12 speed
  • Automatic: Allison® 3000, 4000 and 4500 series


  • Detroit
  • Meritor

2020 Freightliner® Cascadia® Evolution 5012802 (2024)


What is the difference between Cascadia and Cascadia evolution? ›

The Cascadia Evolution is a more fuel-efficient version of the Cascadia, released in 2013. Improvements were made to both the aerodynamics and the comfort of the driver.

What is a Freightliner Cascadia Evolution? ›

The Cascadia Evolution, an advanced on-highway truck, is equipped with the latest in aerodynamic technology, enabling fleets to increase fuel economy and save money. DD15 Engine. The newly designed Detroit™ DD15® engine is engineered for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Is Freightliner Cascadia Evolution a good truck? ›

'” “We determined that the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution was going to provide us with the best fuel economy and the best overall cost of operation.” “These engines are doing an exceptional job,” he said. “Improved MPG and the engines are quiet, providing yet another comfort feature for our drivers.”

What engine is in a 2020 Freightliner Cascadia? ›

2020 Freightliner Cascadia
Stock No.: LLLT1923UManufacturer: Freightliner
Model: CascadiaCondition: Used
Year: 2020Location: Richmond, VA
Engine Model: DD15

How many miles per gallon does the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution get? ›

The Cascadia Evolution reached the 10 MPG mark with a load of 76,000 pounds on a test track. Then, it went on to hit 9.31 MPG in real-world conditions on a cross country tour with a full load. The Cascadia Evolution demonstrates a seven percent increase in fuel economy over the original EPA10-compliant Cascadia.

What is the best Freightliner truck? ›

The on-highway truck market leader

The Freightliner Cascadia is the best-selling Class 8 truck on the road – and for good reason. The Cascadia was designed from the ground up to raise the bar for performance, reliability and efficiency.

How many miles will a Freightliner Cascadia last? ›

A semi-truck can last between 500,000 to 750,000 miles with regular maintenance and preventive care. It involves changing the oil, checking the brakes, and rotating the tires. By doing this, you can avoid significant problems and keep your truck running smoothly for a long time.

What is considered high mileage for a Freightliner? ›

High mileage on a diesel truck is typically anything over 350,000 miles (about 563270.4 km).

What is the top of the line Freightliner? ›

For drivers, the Cascadia offers a comfortable interior, plus a range of automated safety features that protect them and other vehicles on the road. With the Cascadia, you get the industry's leading over-the-road truck that benefits your bottom line.

How much horsepower does a 2020 DD15 have? ›

The Detroit DD15 14.8 liter engine includes a patented in-house turbocharger design that is more optimally matched to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system to deliver outstanding performance. Features power range of 455 to 505 hp and torque of 1,550 to 1,750 lbs. -ft.

Who builds the DD15 engine? ›

2007: Detroit Diesel Corporation launches its DD engine platform with the DD15 Engine.

Is a DD15 a Detroit engine? ›

The Detroit DD15 diesel engine is an asset to any trucker or construction company. As long as you have this engine, you need to know the most common issues about it and how to keep its durability.

What is the other name of Cascadia? ›

noun. another term for the Pacific Northwest, often used to refer to this area specifically as an environmentally significant bioregion.

What is the first generation Freightliner Cascadia? ›

First Generation Cascadia debuted with the Detroit DD15 (2007): Introduced the all-new Cascadia with the heavy-duty Detroit Diesel DD15 engine platform, which offered excellent performance, improved fuel consumption, and industry-leading power.

What is the difference between the Cascadia 116 and 126? ›

The Cascadia 116 model uses the DD13 engine with a 1,300 square inch (8,387 square cm) radiator whereas the 126 uses the DD16 with a 1400 square inch radiator (9,032 square cm). DD13 ratings: 450hp (336kW) at 1,625 rpm and 1,650 lb ft (2,237Nm) at 975rpm. 470hp (350kW) at 1,625 rpm and 1,650 lb ft (2,237Nm) at 975rpm.

What are the colors for the 2024 Freightliner Cascadia? ›

2024 Premium Freightliner Cascadia details. Colors available: Black, Dark Red, Charcoal, Medium Rich Blue.


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