What is the Italian slang word for disgusting? (2024)

What is the Italian slang word for disgusting?

More commonly someone expressing disgust at, say, an insect, some really inedible dish or a bad smell would say “che schifo!”, which translates to “gross!”. “che schifo!” Albeit the litteral translation would be “È disgustoso!”

What is the Italian phrases of disgust?

Che schifo!

(“How/That's disgusting!” ) This is one of the most common Italian phrases when angry, and it's a very encompassing word that Italians use all the time to express a range of negative emotions.

What does stugots mean in Italian?

Stugots is an Italian slang term that literally translates to stuck in the middle. It's often used as a way of expressing frustration or annoyance, similar to how we might say dang it in English. It can also be used as an exclamation of surprise or excitement, like when you find out something unexpected.

What does que schifo mean?

“Che schifo!” means “how disgusting!” Bye!

What is Italian slang for rubbish?

rubbish! (informal) sciocchezze! ⧫ fesserie!

What does Fazool mean in Italian slang?

Actually spelled "fa*gioli " 1. Italian for bean . 2. Term used for money or a bill .

What does Che Bello mean?

Che bello literally translates as "how beautiful".

What does Marone mean in Italian slang?

Marone! This is another exclamation that you will hear frequently in The Sopranos and in context, it means "damn it!" Just as with the above examples of slang from the show, this too is actually a corrupted version of a standard Italian word.

What is the exclamation of disgust in Italian?

Che schifo!/Che schifezza!


What does chooch mean in Italian?

The original of the word “chooch” is Italian, which makes complete sense as most of the Jersey Shore cast is, in fact, of Italian descent. It's a slang term that means a dummy, idiot or […] The post Jersey Shore: What is a 'chooch'?

What is a Baccala slang?

fool , idiot. fare la figura del baccalà to look like an idiot.

What is a bacala in Italian slang?

Baccala(salted cod in Italian) is slang for a stupid person, or someone who does something stupid. "You're stupid as a fish" eh baccala!

What does Putzi mean in Italian?

Putzi is a cute and affectionate term that is often used to describe little kids or pets. It's a combination of the Italian word “piccolo,” meaning small or tiny, and the suffix -uzzi, which adds a sense of playfulness and endearment to the word.

What is a putta in Italian slang?

Compare Old Occitan putan(a). Latin putta (“prostitute”) is attested in the sixth century (Gregory of Tours). The change of meaning from "girl" to "prostitute" is due to euphemism, a process that is well known to other periods and languages.

What does ay que rico mean?

¡Ay, qué rico! -Oh, this is so delicious! ,Oh, how lovely!

What does Minkya mean in Italian?

1. MINCHIA. This is the first word that you hear, arriving in Sicily, and the last word that you hear when leaving. The literal translation - "male genital organ", although Sicilians use it for the expression of a wide range of emotions: gratitude, joy, anger, worry, fear, contentment, wonder and so on.

What does Moron mean Italian?

(informal, offensive) idiota mf ⧫ deficiente mf.

What is a gumba in Italian girlfriend?

In Italian, the word goomba is used to refer to a close friend or companion.

Is Ciao Bello flirting?

It can also used in a flirty way for ladies to say hello to a man they are dating. It's an informal greeting but refrain from using it with strangers. It's best to keep it among friends.

What is the meaning of tutto bene?

– Tutto bene? – Tutto bene. –Is everything alright? –Everything's fine.

What does Chel Bella mean?

English translation:how beautiful!

What does Mook mean in slang?

slang. : a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person.

What does Gagoots mean in Italian?

"Gagoots" comes from the word "cucuzza" which is a word for squash in the Italian language.

What does the word stugats mean?

According to Lingo2word.com, Stugotz could be derived from the Italian word 'Stugats' which means testicl*s. According to my producer Jerry P, his Italian Mom used to say "don't be a Stugotz" which meant quit being a ding dong.

What does sei fuori mean?

You might hear this one shortened to just "sei fuori!" ('you're crazy!

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