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What does co-za mean in an email address? ›” is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for South Africa, similar to “. uk” for the United Kingdom or “. au” for Australia. The “co” part of “.” typically stands for commercial, suggesting that the email is linked to a business or commercial entity.

How do I fix email not working in webmail? ›

How to Fix Email Not Working in Browser Webmail
  1. Introduction. ...
  2. Restart Your Device. ...
  3. Make Sure the Internet Connection Works. ...
  4. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies. ...
  5. Check the Status of the Website. ...
  6. The Website is Having Problems. ...
  7. Test the Website with a Different Browser. ...
  8. The Web Browser is the Issue.

How do I recover my webmail account? ›

To reset your password, click on “I forgot my password” on the webmail login page. If that doesn't work, contact Support.

Why is webmail not logging in? ›

Some Common Reasons for the Webmail Login Issue

You have forgotten your email account password. There are some issues with the web browser. Hacker or spam attacks can lead to hacked accounts. You have typed in the wrong password so many times.

Which country uses co-za? › is a second-level domain of . za, the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for South Africa.

What does za stand for in a web address? ›

.za is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for South Africa.

What account is Webmail? ›

Webmail are web-based email accounts. These are usually free email accounts that are operated from a website. Examples include Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo Mail. Webmail allows the users to access their emails as long as they have access to an Internet connection and a web browser.

How do I get my emails from Webmail? ›

Once logged in Webmail, find the desired message that you want to back up and left click on it. Then click the More -> Export button. This will produce a prompt in your browser to download the message in an . eml format, which can later be used to restore that message.

How do I access Webmail directly? ›

To access your domain email account via a webmail interface, open your browser and type the address, replacing with your domain name. Enter your email address and password to sign in to your email account.

What's wrong with webmail today? ›

All systems are working properly.

Why am I not receiving emails on my webmail? ›

Each domain email account is created with a set quota. This quota was set when you created the email account in your account's control panel. The quota can be set to a fixed size or unlimited. The most common reason incoming emails are not being received is that the email account has exceeded its quota.

Why is webmail login invalid? ›

Outdated or incorrect login credentials: Double check that you are using the correct email address and password. Try resetting your password if you aren't sure. Domain or hosting issues: Problems with your domain settings or hosting service could break the webmail functionality.

What is the difference between co za and .com domain? ›

A .com domain is usually used for international websites, and for large corporations and companies that wish to create a certain impression on the web, whereas a . domain is usually the preference of local-based South African businesses and individuals.

Is a .co email address valid? ›

However, if you've settled on a perfect domain name and the .com version is not available, . co is a perfectly valid choice. Of course, it's also a relevant pick if you happen to be based in Colombia. Ultimately, remember that your domain name itself is more important than your choice of extension.

What countries' email ends in za? ›

za. . za is the official country code top level domain (ccTLD) of South Africa.

What is the difference between .com and .co email? ›

A .com domain is universally recognized, enhancing credibility and search engine visibility, while a . co domain offers a contemporary, innovative edge, especially beneficial when .com options are scarce or overly expensive.


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